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Research on Homework

  • A professional development school partnership: Conflict and collaboration
    The Professional Develpment School (PDS) is one of the most prominent, compelling, and recent models of teacher education reform. For decades efforts have been made to reform the U.S.
  • Elevation Educational Consulting
    Works with individual teachers, schools, districts to evaluate and improve literacy programs and instruction.
  • Homework (Close-Up # 1, SIRS)
    Close-Up # 1 in the School Improvement Research Series published by the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory. Authored by Jocelyn A.
  • Homework Perspectives: A Toolkit for Reflection
    There are several components to this website: Facilitator Instructions This handout outlines the objective, supplies needed, timeframe, and directions for leading the workshop. Personal Assessment Tool: Homework Philosophy This assessment invites you to reflect on your current homework-giving practice and how you view the role of homework in teaching and learning.
  • Homework Research and Policy: A Review of the Literature
    This literature review surveyed over 120 emphiral studies to examine the effects of homework and the characteristics of successful assignments. The author develops a sequential model of factors that influence homework outcomes, and proposes guidelines for teachers, schools, and school districts.
  • Measuring Instructional Quality in Accountability Systems: Classroom Assignments and Student Achievement
    The National Center for the Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST) developed a series of indicators to help schools, districts, and states monitor efforts to improve the quality of education. This study created six indicators of classroom practice that influence student learning, based on their research.
  • Planning Meaningful Tasks
    What the research says about planning meaningful tasks and the implications for the classroom.
  • Research Shows Homework Does Boost Academic Achievement
    The American Psychological Association issued this report in 1998. The authors stressed that an overemphasis on grades and performance may lead to cheating.
  • The Quality of Intellectual Work in Chicago Schools: A Baseline Report
    This study sought to make the connection between demanding student assignments, the production of higher quality work, and the impact on standardized, basic test scores. The study found that when teachers give more challenging assignments, students are more likely to perform at higher levels of achievement.