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Homework Skill Development

  • A professional development school partnership: Conflict and collaboration
    The Professional Develpment School (PDS) is one of the most prominent, compelling, and recent models of teacher education reform. For decades efforts have been made to reform the U.S.
  • Best Practices in Teaching Study Skills
    Students who are able to organize their time, have good test-taking skills, and are able to identify and summarize main ideas achieve at higher levels than students who do not have these skills. Study skills instruction is often overlooked, but can have an impact on the achievement of students, including those who are considered behaviorally disordered.
  • Elevation Educational Consulting
    Works with individual teachers, schools, districts to evaluate and improve literacy programs and instruction.
  • Homework How-To's
    This article discusses the frustrations of homework, suggestions for teaching homework skills, and tips on solving homework problems. While meant to be of primary help to teachers dealing with students with learning disabilities, the concerns and suggestions are helpful for all students.
  • Homework! Strategies to Overcome the Struggles and Help All Students Succeed
    When teachers "teach" homework, they help students to understand the often unspoken expectations that accompany the task. This link will take you to the Responsive Classroom Newsletter page.
  • I Think I Did It, But I Can't Find It: Assisting Students Who Lack Organizational Skills
    Suggestions for helping students who lack organization skills and are often unprepared. Tips are included for organizing personal space, organizing notebooks, using an assignment planner, and organizing time.
  • Study Skills
    A webpage developed by a science teacher for her students and their parents. Included is a rationale for study skills, links for students to learn more about learning styles, and an example of a study contract and explanation of how it works.
  • The Disorganized Student
    Some students lack basic school survival skills--seemly simple tasks like keeping track of papers and bringing a pencil to class seem to allude them. This excerpt from the Kenneth Shore book, Special Kids Problem Solver: Ready-to-Use-Interventions for Helping Students with Academic, Behavioral, & Physical Problems, provides a list suggestions for teachers and a separate list for parents.
  • The Disorganized Student
    Lists for teachers and parents providing suggestions on how to help the student who is chronically disorganized. Homework often presents problems for the disorganized student, and helping these students can present a challenge for even the most experienced teacher.